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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

London Still

I spent one day in the hostel taking a break from all the busyness. While my friends shopped, I showered, did some creative writing, & read Mansfield Park. When they got back, we did more grocery shopping which gave us food to make pasta & buffalo chicken dip. We also got some yogurt & fruit. Way cheaper than eating out!

Anyway, we went to Oxford the next day where we browsed an awesome used bookstore while waiting for The Eagle & Child Pub to open. I bought a book by Dickens & one by Hardy, but there are a few other books I wish I'd gotten. I was just trying not to spend all of my money in one place. Still, what better place to buy such classics than the country they were written in? Many of them were only $3, too!

Sarah ordering at the entrance of the Rabbit
Room, where Lewis & Tolkein discussed,
along with others, the works they were writing

We walked back to the pub just before they opened, & were the first ones in the place. Without even realizing it, we walked straight to a table in the Rabbit Room section of the pub and sat down. When I got up to order, I looked above the entryway and saw the sign.

Sarah & I order water, and we could tell the guy was thinking, "Who comes to a pub to drink water?" Haha, I loved it. The food was surprisingly good, though! Mine was better than anything I ordered at other places. And Sarah's mashed potatoes were delicious. :)
 Then we walked around Oxford and did a bus tour that wasn't really worth our money, haha. But what was worth the money was Addison's Walk, which I just learned was named after Joseph Addison. We saw two men walking out when we first entered the walk, but after that we saw no one. A lovely reprieve from London! It was raining, so we did some puddle jumping even though we weren't in our rainboots.

The next morning, Sarah & I went to a house that John Keats lived in at the end of his life. It was closed to visitors on the day we went, but we were able to roam the yard. :)
The lovely yard of John Keats' home

We met up with Candace & Dr. Miller to finish our last day in London with a visit to Westminster Abbey. Poets' Corner was, of course, my favorite. This is also the day we heard Big Ben.

All 4 of us in front of Big Ben outside of Westminster Abbey. A kind lady took this picture for us.

This was in the bathroom at our hostel,
& my roomies wanted me to take a picture
so we would remember all the details.
And so we said farewell to Clink78.

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