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Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 6

I found out that the camp is letting me leave early because of my brother's Dec. wedding. I'll be home for good the week of Thanksgiving. This is a huge blessing because I won't have to do so much driving back & forth. Plus, I miss my family, & I have plenty to do to get ready for England. However, it's also sad to think that I'll miss the fun things at the end of camp & especially the goodbyes! :(

We had a special meeting in our cabin about communication because some of us have felt uncomfortable around each other. It's been a little stressful, but still lots of fun & triumphs. :) It was fun talking about our experiences even though I'm not sure how much it helped the main situation.

Also, 18 of the scheduled campers did not come, so we began the week with 4 campers in our cabin. They were all sweet, funny, calm, & wonderful. Then on the second day, we got a camper from another cabin who had been having trouble with another camper. This lady was also sweet but definitely not calm. She talked almost nonstop & wanted someone to help her with everything even though she could do it all on her own. She woke us all up at 6:30 in the loudest voice, so it really put a kink  in our system, but we adapted & she even ended up not waking up until time to get up. I actually slept in the bed next to hers because it was more comfortable than my own. When I explained that everyone else was sleeping & that she needed to be quiet like them for another hour, she said ok  & didn't talk again for an hour. I was really surprised.

For one of our ladies, it was her first time at camp. She had never ridden horses, & I was the one that got to help her on & walk beside her. She loved it! It's things like that that make me want to work at this camp again even though I think I'd rather be at one closer to home that is teaching kids about nature and that pays more. Still, I already miss so many campers & the thought of never seeing them again makes me wanna cry.

Also from this week, on one of my breaks, Jonathan & I climbed a tree at night. On another break, we played pool. I won both games & even called the right pocket on the 8 ball on both. I also won both games of foosball. So then I let him win Scategories (sp?). One of the categories was Street Name. So I put a literal street (MLK Blvd) while he put a name someone might be called on the street (Money). I laughed so hard at that one! It didn't even cross my mind that it could've been that kind of street name, & from the look on his face, he didn't consider that it could have been the kind I thought it was.

Today I ate 3 cups of the tortilla soup Mama brought me all the way from GA. I'd been waiting for it all week because when I tried to eat it before the week began, I realized that she'd brought it frozen!

Also, because we had so few campers this week, I spent some time clipping branches for the camp to use at a fundraiser banquet. They hung jewels from the branches & used them as centerpieces. Then I also helped clean Cherokee, the guys' cabin that just got new bathrooms. We'll be moving into the remodeled girls' cabin TOMORROW! We're so excited! Also, I might go to my boss' house to watch the Rangers win the World Series tonight. :D 

If you're gonna write me, now's a good time to do it since I only have about 3 weeks left here. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 5

This week was full of great surprises from home. I got the cutest package from my aunt & uncle in Alaska. My mom & I loved the chocolate-covered blueberries & cranberries. The package also included different flavors of Alaskan tea which I'm excited to try along with some honey sticks. AND there  were playing cards with pictures of the northern lights...so beautiful! I still wanna see them some day. The package was also taped with the coolest/prettiest tape! :) Everyone who saw it made a big deal out of it. :D

Then I got a package from Sarah that included an awesome notepad with a picture of London on each sheet. It also had Skirt! Magazine, snacks, & a tea cup! And an assortment of teas. :)

Then I got a text on Friday with a picture of my mom at the Texas welcome center. I couldn't believe it! I was glad I got to show them around camp & introduce them to a few people here. It made me wanna cry that they had driven so far to see me. They did a good job of keeping it a secret, too.

As for camp this week, there was one camper that I found out on the last day would give eskimo kisses. Another one would make whatever face he saw you make, which reminded me of Anna, a girl I went to school with. It was so adorable & hilarious. He was like a big teddy bear. Another one had an awesome accent, & while I was peeling an orange for myself, he came over & said, "Oh, look...my friend is peeling me an orange." So I shared it with him, another camper, & a counselor. Then I got another one for myself. Anyway, that's when I knew I wanted to be his friend, haha. He wore 3 jackets that night, too.

Well, my cabin is still the one that's always late, so we were talking about it with our boss. They can't help but love us even though we're late. So, the boss said to me after a while of joking around, "And I can't believe what you did!" I was like, "What did I do?" She was referring to a note that I wrote to my unit leader. I told her that even though I hate being late, I'd rather be late & laughing than early & angry. Yeah, that's what she showed the boss. Haha.

Oh, & I recruited another person to climb trees with me. Jonathan climbed with me & Kevin. Jonathan is one of the new guys (even though this is his 3rd week), & he's been on the World Race (11 countries in 11 months) & took Greek when he  was in college, which I was so excited to learn.

Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for all the mail! Keep it coming...I only have about a month & a half left in Texas. It's crazy how fast it's gone.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Weeks 3 & 4

So, after I wrote that post about the campers being no more annoying than anyone else, I got one that was super loud & always wanting to be hugging, holding hands, or touching someone. But I really enjoyed getting her to whisper & be calm & giving her rewards for eating/telling her she won't get to do something she enjoys if she doesn't eat. Seeing stuff like that work for her was so exciting. I actually chose to spend a lot of time with her. She was so cute & would usually help out if we asked her to. So I got her to pick up trash, push wheelchair, etc. to keep her busy & also keep her hands to herself. Anyway, by the end of the week, I wanted to cry when she left. I didn't know what I'd do without my shadow. :)

It's so nice to meet the parents on the last day & hear how much it meant to them to have the week "off" & also to hear the campers tell their parents about something you did with them. Now that I've gotten a little more used to how things work, I'm getting closer to campers that aren't even in my cabin. This week, Brianna was adorable. She's so beautiful & sweet & loving! I miss her so much already. She would get so excited when you talk to her about things she liked. She also was very gentle & kind toward one of my campers who didn't communicate. Brianna carried a stuffed dog named Shiloh & was very open about having seizures & asking if my campers have them & what sets them off for them. I just can't explain how great she was. Oh, & she loved Beauty & the Beast. I danced with her during "Chicken Fried" & she was almost as excited as I was that I'm from GA, so the lyrics "raised underneath the shade of a GA pine...that's home, ya know" meant a lot to me. :) When I met her mom, she was just as sweet & beautiful!

While I'm thinking about it, there was also a camper that wore a shirt with Sheldon on it that said, "Bazinga!" I loved it! :D Also, the camper that blew me kisses at breakfast also agreed to go on the zip line if I would be his date to the dance. Even though he shook on it, he kept backing out whenever I left, so I arranged to be with his group when they went to ropes, but he still was saying he didn't want to do it. I kept asking him & talking to him & Bernard, one of Austin's counselors, explained the process of the zip line & how he won't fall, so finally he agreed. It was so great because his parents really wanted a picture of him doing that. He gave us all a hug after he did it. His counselors kept telling me that he was all I talked about, so today another one of them said, "He woke up this morning at 6:30 & no one said anything to him & the first thing he says is, 'Megan!'" :) When I saw him, he kept telling me he had fun & loves me & is gonna miss me. Now you know why I love my job! His mom told him to blow me a kiss before he left, too. So cute!

Then I walked onto the deck & said bye to Chase. He said, "Megan!" & his parents said, "Oh, he was just telling us about you. He said he danced with you & that you were his date. :D He is one of the cutest people ever, & he had mad dancing skills. We spun & did our hands across our eyes. It was GREAT! His parents said they were so glad they got to meet me. Precious!

As for my cabin, we've had someone from a previous week of the Fall every week of camp except the first week obviously. So that's been cool. Also, I got my first letter from a camper ever & fed a male camper for the first time ever. Even though this was the hardest week for me to wake up every single morning, it was fantastic being with the campers! And I might go to the State Fair tomorrow. :D