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Friday, May 4, 2012

Letter from a 5th Grader (or 15)

I was taking my field group on a hike & told them several times that they would have to listen if they wanted to go on the trail I had planned for them. It had begun drizzling, so I knew the trail would be slippery & it's already one of our more dangerous routes especially if the students aren't paying attention.

Once I saw that they still weren't listening, I took them to a different trail that I had planned to end on. They still weren't ready to go on the original trail (even though they had improved, at least temporarily), so we did some team-building games. It was a little frustrating, but (as one of my students wrote in a P. S.) "I think the trip was still great fun."

However, their chaperone that was with us told their other teachers who had them each write me an apology. The fact that it was forced doesn't really take away from how much I enjoy reading them. They could not have bestowed their handwritten letters on a more grateful person! :)

P. S. May the Fourth be with you!

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