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Friday, October 14, 2011

Weeks 3 & 4

So, after I wrote that post about the campers being no more annoying than anyone else, I got one that was super loud & always wanting to be hugging, holding hands, or touching someone. But I really enjoyed getting her to whisper & be calm & giving her rewards for eating/telling her she won't get to do something she enjoys if she doesn't eat. Seeing stuff like that work for her was so exciting. I actually chose to spend a lot of time with her. She was so cute & would usually help out if we asked her to. So I got her to pick up trash, push wheelchair, etc. to keep her busy & also keep her hands to herself. Anyway, by the end of the week, I wanted to cry when she left. I didn't know what I'd do without my shadow. :)

It's so nice to meet the parents on the last day & hear how much it meant to them to have the week "off" & also to hear the campers tell their parents about something you did with them. Now that I've gotten a little more used to how things work, I'm getting closer to campers that aren't even in my cabin. This week, Brianna was adorable. She's so beautiful & sweet & loving! I miss her so much already. She would get so excited when you talk to her about things she liked. She also was very gentle & kind toward one of my campers who didn't communicate. Brianna carried a stuffed dog named Shiloh & was very open about having seizures & asking if my campers have them & what sets them off for them. I just can't explain how great she was. Oh, & she loved Beauty & the Beast. I danced with her during "Chicken Fried" & she was almost as excited as I was that I'm from GA, so the lyrics "raised underneath the shade of a GA pine...that's home, ya know" meant a lot to me. :) When I met her mom, she was just as sweet & beautiful!

While I'm thinking about it, there was also a camper that wore a shirt with Sheldon on it that said, "Bazinga!" I loved it! :D Also, the camper that blew me kisses at breakfast also agreed to go on the zip line if I would be his date to the dance. Even though he shook on it, he kept backing out whenever I left, so I arranged to be with his group when they went to ropes, but he still was saying he didn't want to do it. I kept asking him & talking to him & Bernard, one of Austin's counselors, explained the process of the zip line & how he won't fall, so finally he agreed. It was so great because his parents really wanted a picture of him doing that. He gave us all a hug after he did it. His counselors kept telling me that he was all I talked about, so today another one of them said, "He woke up this morning at 6:30 & no one said anything to him & the first thing he says is, 'Megan!'" :) When I saw him, he kept telling me he had fun & loves me & is gonna miss me. Now you know why I love my job! His mom told him to blow me a kiss before he left, too. So cute!

Then I walked onto the deck & said bye to Chase. He said, "Megan!" & his parents said, "Oh, he was just telling us about you. He said he danced with you & that you were his date. :D He is one of the cutest people ever, & he had mad dancing skills. We spun & did our hands across our eyes. It was GREAT! His parents said they were so glad they got to meet me. Precious!

As for my cabin, we've had someone from a previous week of the Fall every week of camp except the first week obviously. So that's been cool. Also, I got my first letter from a camper ever & fed a male camper for the first time ever. Even though this was the hardest week for me to wake up every single morning, it was fantastic being with the campers! And I might go to the State Fair tomorrow. :D


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