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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Spottie Dottie Diary

I thought I'd start with a few pages from a Diary when I was a child.
This is the awesome outside of the diary. :) Lock & everything!
Inside it are my deepest, darkest secrets, as you shall soon find out. :)

This is the entry on the first page.  
Typically I'll put a picture of the journal & then put the name of who gave it to me & what the occasion was, but that entry already said it all. Well, except Abbey's last name which is Smith. :) Bet she never thought I'd still have it 15 years later...filled to the end, too. :)

This is the rest of that entry. :) Normally I'll probably type my journal entries,
but my handwriting & spelling were just too cute!

Here's one more just for kicks.

Aren't little kids great? :) By the way, Alyssa & I are still friends...& I still don't tell her secrets. Well, not good special ones at least. ;) Ansley is her sister who still kills frogs, accidently of course. But don't tell, ok?

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