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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Dearest Wife

 The wait is over! As promised, here is the first letter Mrs. Barbara's husband sent her after their wedding:

This letter is dated Oct. 29, twenty-one days after we were married. Frank was never much of a letter writer.  He could never think of anything to say in his letters. I wish that I had kept all the letters he sent me.  Unfortunately, I didn't.  He much rather preferred to call me on the telephone.  He had just called and talked to me before he wrote this letter.  Telephone calls from him usually didn't cost much at all.  I remember calls he made when he was in Viet Nam.  These calls came via radio where everytime we said something we had to end it by saying "Over".  There was always a third party present.  The radio operator.  I never liked those calls because of the radio operator.  I was shy and it embarrassed me to talk to Frank with the other person present.  One such call, the reception was bad.  We kept saying "What? Over" Frank said "I Love You" and I said "What?" and the radio operator said "I Love You". I said "I Love you Too" and the radio operator told Frank, "I Love you Too".  Later we would laugh about that, but at the time it was embarrassing to me.

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