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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Meggie-Love, Granny

Since Grandma passed away last year, I figured she wouldn't mind me sharing a letter she wrote me. So I'm starting with this. It's one of the oldest I found. She's the one who really got me started writing letters because I always loved getting them from her. The more I wrote, the more I received! I remember walking to the mailbox as a child & smelling the gardenias on the way. That's still one of my favorite smells.

That's a 32 cent stamp.

Tom & Mike are my cousins. Since she had asked about how I was doing in school,
I asked her how they were doing. She lived close to them at the time,
so she new more of what was going on with them than I did.

Whenever I read this, it reminds me how her basement floor
looked & felt before it had carpet.

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