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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas in July Giveaway Challenge

First up...
Ok, who can come up with the best way to "enjoy the moment" with this hot pink monkey? Don't leave it hanging! 

Monkeys used to be my favorite animal, so I've accumulated quite a few stuffed ones over the years.This one's arms even velcro together. :)  Maybe you could take it to a children's hospital & have each kid take a picture with it & write down what they think it should be named. You could give everyone their picture with it & give the monkey to the one withthe best name. Or you could write a note with it & give it to someone going on a trip to take with them & give it to someone wherever they go. Don't forget to tell them about the blog so that they can tell me what sort of adventures they had with the hot pink monkey. You know I'll share it with everyone on here.

Leave a comment below of who you'd give it to & where they're going, etc., & you might be this months winner! Or maybe you have a better idea for this hot pink monkey...maybe you've just always wanted one. Just let me know how it will help you or someone else to "enjoy the moment" & go bananas!

1 comment:

  1. I would "enjoy the moment" dangling this little pink monkey in front of my great granddaughter and watching her delight, big smile and laughter just playing with it.