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Friday, July 29, 2011

Love Bugs

A few years ago, my grandma and I were talking to Megan and our Aunt Nancy about whether we liked writing or not. I said, "not really" and Grandma laughed and said, "Oh yes she does! I got a letter from her a few weeks ago about her trip to the beach. It was a long one. She must enjoy writing." Her comment made me realize that I do love to write...as long as it's on a subject of my choosing and as long as I don't feel rushed to finish. :) I recently found this letter at her house after she passed away. I loved how it said "SAVE" on the envelope. It was so much fun reading about the details of our trip which I'd long since forgotten--especially the shower scene! I am so glad she saved it, and it makes me want to write more to preserve these precious (although hectic) years with my children.

-Kristi Kritter

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