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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thoughts by the Sea

This journal hasn't been completely filled yet.
I bought it on a trip with Singers
when a friend pointed it out to me.
It was perfect because it combined two things
I love: the beach & journaling. :)
 People often ask me what I write in my journal. As you can see from this entry, I write whatever I think. I write about things that have happened that made me laugh, things I want to remember. Although most of this is probably only significant to me, hopefully something here will bring a smile to your face or an encouraging thought to your mind. Sorry I write so small & sloppy...& sporadically. :)

By the way, I was totally joking about the reason we invite Mrs. Christine. She's an awesome friend of my mom's & is always so much fun. She really adds a lot to our trips to the beach...even when she doesn't bring bathingsuits for me. :D (And the bathingsuits look just as cute on her; she just doesn't think so.)

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  1. Wow. I needed to read that today about the tide and His mercies being new every morning. What a beautiful picture!!!